PRISM: Your text message history, visualized.

Website Summer 2013

PRISM grew out of a final college project, which aimed to implement and expand on the "StackedGraph" algorithm described by Byron and Wattenberg in their 2008 publication on the topic.

Now, PRISM is a stand-alone OSX app, available in the Apple App Store. It creates dynamic, customizable visualizations of your texting history based off of the data in your iOS backups. Users can sort, color, blend, and mix their texting history in a variety of ways to create aesthetically pleasing, and often surprising, personalized infographics.

Update 2015: No longer in the app store; apple is not a fan of my scraping the itunes db backups :(

tools: MacRuby, Javascript

EssayTyper: It types your essays for you!

Website April 2012 uses a patented combination of Wikipedia and magic to write any essay in the world for you, in mere seconds.

Just enter your topic of choice and start slapping that keyboard - EssayTyper will do the rest!

#1 on Reddit during launch, the site saw over 1 million unique visitors in its first twenty-four hours, and as of 2016 still maintains 500k-1M hits each month.

tools: Sinatra, Javascript, Wikipedia-client

HackYale: Student-driven lectures in web development and entrepreneurship.

Website 2012-2013

We launched HackYale in the Fall of 2011, with a single course covering web application development and front-end design. That first semester we received 500 formal applications, and a grew a community mailing list of over 1k from the Yale undergraduate and graduate communities.

The following semester we expanded our team and curriculum to include five weekly courses covering front-end design, Rails, Node.JS, and iOS development.

HackYale helped formalize the need for a modern "tech" lecture within the liberal arts curriculum at Yale, and continues to exist today with paid student lectures through a partnership with Yale CEID.

role: Co-founder. Community, PR, development, content.

collaboration with @gaybrick

WhatsHerFace-book: Do you know your friends?

Code Website Dec 2011

The average college student knows less than ¾ of zer 'friends' on Facebook. is a quick, personalized game where you are challenged to name several of your Facebook friends in succession while racing the clock.

The game intends to help Facebook users reconsider their privacy exposure online. By now, we all know to restrict our profiles so that only friends can see our personal information. But after 3, 4, 5+ years of social networking, do you still even know all your friends?

After aggregating the results of ten thousand games from over four thousand players, we are left with some surprising statistics.

Update 2015: FB tried to shut us down! Special thanks to the EFF!

collaboration with @charliecroom as part of Yale Law & Tech
and, we are published!

tools: Rails, jQuery, Facebook OpenGraph, AWS

Amicus: Social fundraising for civic organizations

Website Summer 2011

Amicus (YC-2012) is a VC-backed startup based out of New York City. Amicus leverages social connections to help non-profits expand and engage with their constituency.

Previously helped build the v1 product and raise seed funding, working across the stack as part of a two man development team. Departed team fully in early 2012.

role: member of founding team: development, design, product.
tools: Rails, SQL, jQuery, AWS, Twilio, FB Graph Hides your Facebook feed in a spreadsheet!

Website July 2011 pulls data from the Facebook Graph and Twitter API allowing you to surreptitiously browse your feeds, view friends' profiles, and even preview photos and comments. The site drew 600k unique visits across well over one hundred countries in its first two weeks.

Update 2015 Unfortunately, due to changes in the Facebook API the site is a shadow of its former self, and cannot be rebuilt.

tools: Rails, Facebook OpenGraph, jQuery, AWS The one question that drives us all.

Website Sep 2011

After nearly missing Yale Dining's flagship hand-breaded entrée one fateful afternoon in 2011, I vowed it would neigh happen again.

Now tender-fans across campus are never caught off-guard, and every Chicken-Tenders-Thursday 700+ students wake up to a text proclaiming the good news.

tools: Twilio, Rails, Nokogiri

Travelogue: The social travel planner for Yale students.

Website April 2012

Now hosting trips for over 3,000 Yale students in collaboration with the Yale Office of International Affairs.

Travelogue, winner of the second annual $1500 Yale App Challenge, is a social travel platform for the Yale community. Students can post their itineraries, follow their friends, and receive intelligent email digests throughout the summer detailing when and where their peers will be nearby.

yet another collaboration with the infamous @charliecroom & @jayred

tools: Rails, jQuery, Facebook OpenGraph, AWS Listen to Taylor together.

June 2013 is the future of online social music listening. Similar to internet-rival, but optimized for #taylortuesdays.

Update 2015: We had a good run, but .fm domain names are like $100/yr, and so I think this site is going to come down now. Thanks Micronesia.

role: Co-founder, CEO, Swiftie

tools: Ruby, Sinatra, and a cavalier disregard of copyright law

Browser: The dating website exclusively for IE users.

Feb 2014

Browser is a singles community exclusively for users of Internet Explorer. Traditional values, and traditional markup standards.

No more kinky CSS3. No more unsolicited lightbox modals. Just you, a few marquees, and a fun-loving group of single luddites.

Update 2015 Sadly, is now defunct.

Photobama: The selfies app you deserve.

Website Aug 2014

Photobama is the selfie app you've been waiting for. Simply snap a photo, and then drop Obama or your celebrity de jour into the background. Currently only offered for iOS.

collaboration with @milesgrimshaw, and @tbfaux.

SubletMeYale: Yale's best source for off campus housing.

March 2011

One of my first projects and a finalist for Yale's first AppChallenge back in 2011. SubletMeYale facilitates easy sublet sharing between students living on and off of the main New Haven campus.

Each summer the site hosts more than 500 apartments!

Update 2015: unfortunately Rails 2.3 security isn't what it used to be, and my first ever web app wasn't exactly DRY or modular. Anticipating a esque effort to repair, I think its time to retire the site. SubletMeYale is dead -- long live AirBnB.

ChomaLab: Video analysis for tadpole cardiac systems.

Spring 2011

I spent a few months in the Spring of 2011 working with the research lab of Dr. Michael Choma at Yale Medical School. Our project entailed taking high-definition color photography of beating tadpole hearts, and then analyzing the video to extract heart boundaries and estimate the volume change over time.

role: visual data analysis

tools: Matlab